In 1927, a group of Worcester businessmen engaged the services of famous golf course architect, Donald Ross, to design a golf course that was to be known as Wachusett Country Club. The chosen site was the former Frost Farm in West Boylston, MA. The site featured breathtaking view of majestic Mount Wachusett and the Metropolitan Water Basin, now the Wachusett Reservoir. With a talented architect, a beautiful view, and a fine layout of rolling hills, sudden valleys, and a winding brook, the Wachusett Country Club seemed destined for immense prosperity. However, few saw the dark clouds of the Great Depression gathering on the horizon. In 1939, Wachusett was taken over by its creditors and Joseph Marrone, a successful Worcester entrepreneur, took control of the deteriorating business and began what was to become a successful family business that would continue through four generations.

Joe Marrone ran Wachusett Country Club with the help of his three sons, Edward, Donald, and Richard. He emphasized hard work, dedication, and respect as key ingredients for success. Under Joe’s direction, Wachusett became known as a premier golf course and banquet facility in Central Mass. After Joe’s death in 1969, the three Marrone boys continued to uphold Wachusett’s impeccable reputation while encountering several challenges along the way including a fire that destroyed most of the clubhouse in 1972. However, the clubhouse was rebuilt quickly and the successful business continued. When both Edward and Richard died in theirross3 early 50’s, Donald took over the helm of Wachusett and worked for the next 20 years side by side with his son Donald Jr. cultivating and nurturing the golf course which was to them much more than just a business. Today, Don Jr. continues to run Wachusett with his four children who were instilled with the same belief that dedication and hard work are essential in continuing Wachusett’s success.

Wachusett Country Club is located in West Boylston, Massachusetts, just five minutes east of Worcester and 45 minutes west of Boston, and is easily accessible from all major highways.


Wachusett CC

  • 18 trous
  • Normale 72
  • 6567 mètre
SSS 127 126 115 118 110 120
SLOP 74.3 71.2 68.6 69.8 66.2 69.7

Kettle Brook GC

  • 18 trous
  • Normale 72
  • 6912 mètre
SSS 122 113 125 119 133 124 127 131
SLOP 70.3 65.1 72.3 68.1 75.6 70.9 72.4 73.8




Wachusett Country Club / Kettle Brook Golf Club

187 Prospect St
West Boylston, Massachusetts, 01583, United States
☎ +1 (508) 835-2264

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