The Ledges Golf Club

What makes The Ledges such a unique golf and residential community is its dynamic culmination of nature, creative designs, and lifestyle. These qualities are not only evident within The Ledges itself, but outside its beautiful borders as well and together they comprise a vast array of recreational opportunities and activities that appeal to people of all ages and interests. The temperate climate of Southern Utah sees over 255 sunny days per year allowing residents to make the most of the nature that surrounds them.


The Ledges

  • 18 trous
  • Normale 72
  • 7145 mètres
SSS 71.0 69.7 72.1 74.2
SLOP 119 133 134 137
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The Ledges Golf Club

1585 Ledges Parkway
St. George, Utah, 84770, United States
☎ +1 (435) 634-4600

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